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Roof Replacement

A roof replacement, whether residential roofing or commercial roofing, is a huge an undertaking for a property owner like you. When it comes to roof replacement concerns, homeowners and business owners alike turn to EGH for help.
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Roof Repair

As the top commercial roofing repair contractor in ALPHARETTA, GA EGH stays abreast of the current and developing roof technologies. Thus, we have the knowledge, experience, and manpower to complete your commercial roofing project in a timely manner, with little to no disruption to your business schedule.
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Fascia Replacement

Can you see signs of fascia rot around the corners of your building? Or are you looking to update the appearance of your home? When it comes time for guttering replacement, it’s best to address it all at once. Why? To repair the fascia or to install Colorbond fascia cover the guttering needs to be removed.
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Skylight replacement/Repair

Skylights bring in the most beautiful light of all—natural sunlight from above. And, skylights are an excellent home improvement to make in dark, dreary rooms that lack windows, in a north-facing room, in a hallway or in any room that would be enhanced by the beautiful diffused sunlight that skylights allow into the home.
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Siding Repair

Due to the nature of the material, and its purpose and depending on the type, the siding on your home will usually require very little maintenance, and is specifically designed to stand strong against the elements. Vinyl siding is an incredibly durable material. However, it is not impervious to damage under the right circumstances.
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Siding Replacement

Aside from your roof and landscaping, the siding on your home is one of the first things that people will notice, and the type of siding that you choose can either significantly increase your homes value, as well as its curb appeal, or reduce it substantially.
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Siding Painting

Painting home siding is something that most of us will encounter in our lifetimes so it is important to know a little bit about it. And as summer creeps up on us, it’s the perfect time for your old siding to get freshened up!
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Chimney Repair

if a chimney crown becomes cracked or damaged from severe weather or by other means, water and moisture can seep into the vulnerable masonry material of your chimney system and start deteriorating from the inside out.
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Soffit Replacement

Soffits and fascia are the part of a roof’s structure closest to the gutters. This means that they are the first things to be damaged by water if the home’s gutters become clogged. In addition, they can also fall victim to an infestation of insects or by the nesting of birds and other animals.
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Painting Interior/Exterior

EGH Painting services will help you to find the perfect colors for your home. Choosing the right colors can be one of the hardest parts of the job. We will not let you alone to take this decision. We’re happy to sit down and consult with you about which colors will work best for your home.
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Gutter Cleaning

At EGH we offer full gutter cleaning services to help unblock downpipes, drains, fix any leaks and flood and test all gutters as part of our dedicated service to our vast range of clients all over the town.
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Gutter Repair

Over time, gutters can sag due to debris pileups, high winds or other unavoidable weather issues. It’s important to fix gutters that are pulling away from the house to avoid drainage problems that could dump water on your foundation.
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Gutter Replacement

Minor gutter issues can easily be fixed by a repair service. Here are some commonly encountered situations that might require gutter repairs: Sagging gutters, Mismatched downspouts, Damaged downspout elbows, Leaking downspout drops,Loose joints

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Your driveway is personal – the first thing you see when you arrive home. So of course, you want it to be something you’re happy with. Our unfailing high standards mean that you’ll end up with something you love, but also something that will last.
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Windows & Insulation

In order for insulation to be as effective as possible, it should be installed throughout your home: in your attic, in your crawl space and – very importantly – in your walls. Wall insulation is more vital to the overall comfort of a home than many people realize.
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We specialize in roofing contractor services that include custom roofing, insurance claim roofing, new roof installations, roof maintenance, repair, and replacement, roof and attic inspections, storm damage repair, and more. We offer the most competitive pricing, as well. Our service provides free estimates, and our owner personally engages with each individual job, ensuring that the work is thoroughly completed from beginning to the final details of a project. We expect no payments until you are completely satisfied and there are no down payments necessary for any job, large or small.

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