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Due to the nature of the material, and its purpose and depending on the type, the siding on your home will usually require very little maintenance, and is specifically designed to stand strong against the elements. With that being said, both age, and turbulent weather, like that often seen in southern Ontario, can occasionally cause deficiencies to your siding, regardless of the material. With Vinyl siding being the most popular siding choice among homeowners today, due to its durability, the most common siding repairs we see involve vinyl siding panel replacements. Siding can become bowed occasionally due to the weather, and if not repaired as soon as possible, will need to be replaced. It is important that these repairs are taken care of promptly, before more costly problems can arise, such as rotting wood, or substrate damage, both due to water exposure. If these siding repairs are taken care of in a timely manner, a full siding replacement will generally not be required.
Vinyl siding is an incredibly durable material. However, it is not impervious to damage under the right circumstances. Wind, rain, snow and ice can all have adverse affects on your siding over time, especially if it was not installed correctly in the first place. Vinyl siding can occasionally crack, split, and chip, leaving your home looking unsightly, and reducing its curb appeal. The siding experts at EGH are highly capable of assessing the damage, and recommending the most efficient repair that will work best for you and your home. Whether the siding repair is significant or minor, our siding specialists have the expertise needed to get your home back to its pristine condition.
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